Simon Bridges prank-called by wife while hosting Drive

Drive 27/07/2018

National leader Simon Bridges was subject to an attempted prank-call by his wife Natalie Bridges on Thursday afternoon.

Mr Bridges was a guest host RadioLIVE Drive with Ryan Bridge when she called in, claiming to be a listener named Anne.

But he knew it was her almost instantly, asking: "What are you doing? You're meant to be out earning us money."

That's not the image I'm going for Natalie.

They joked that it was the only way the pair could talk, because he isn't often at home.

Ms Bridges said when they see each other it's "often a bit short and sweet" but they make the most of it.

Then the botched prank-call turned into a bit of a love-fest, with Ryan Bridge prodding them to talk about what they loved about each other.

They met while studying at Oxford University, Ms Bridges said. She was drawn to him because he "worked hard and he played hard".

"That's not the image I'm going for Natalie," Mr Bridges said. "Think branding."

She said people worked really hard at the university but they knew how to have a good time too. She said her husband was "quite hilarious, believe it or not" and they were "known to have some quite good times and good parties".

Then it was the National leader's turn to talk about her.

"I love everything about Natalie, I am just so impressed and in awe of her. She manages three children more often than not without me," he said.

Watch the full conversation between Simon Bridges and his wife above.

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