Watch: Auckland mirror sculpture installed last week cracked already

Drive 06/08/2018

Less than a week after it was unveiled, a controversial new mirror sculpture in Auckland’s CBD has cracked.

The mirror in Auckland’s O’Connell Street has been hung between two heritage buildings.

$260,000 of ratepayer money was spent on the artwork, designed by artist Catherine Griffiths.

On Monday two large cracks could be seen in its brass backing.

It’s received criticism from some locals who say it’s “another enormous waste of money by council”.

RadioLIVE Drive host Ryan Bridge argued with Sir Bob Harvey, former Waitakere City Mayor, that ratepayer money spent on the mirror could have gone towards cleaning up the city’s harbour or fixing Auckland’s traffic woes.

“This is part of a civilisation in cities,” Sir Bob replied.

You can't confuse a glorious mirror like this with the sh*t flowing into the harbour.

"That’s another issue in another room,” he told RadioLIVE.

Watch the video above.

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