Rodriguez, the Sugar Man has returned

Drive 06/08/2018
Credit: Seymour.

Rodriguez is set to perform in New Zealand next February at Auckland’s Villa Maria Winery with supporting acts the Topp Twins, Dave Dobbyn and The Eastern.

Brent Eccles, promoter of the show, joins Ryan Bridge and co-host Sir Bob Parker to talk all things Rodriguez.

His music had become hugely popular in South Africa but Rodriguez had no idea when he mysteriously disappeared. This motivated the documentary 'Searching for Sugar Man', as his fans sought to bring him back into fame.

Speaking about the documentary, Mr Eccles admits he was “knocked out by its beauty and its sincerity”.

Rodriguez has a great story to tell, so Mr Eccles wanted the supporting acts to be just as inspiring, exclaiming “the Topp Twins have never been better”.

Mr Eccles believes his voice is very good and very true, and he likes the style in the performance.

Tickets are on sale now from Ticketmaster.

Listen to the full interview with Brent Eccles above.

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