Climber trapped on Mt Aspiring rescued

Drive 03/08/2018
Photo: Twitter.

The 29-year-old Australian climber that was trapped on Mt Aspiring near Wanaka has been rescued.

Mike Daisley from the Mountain Safety Council joined Ryan Bridge on RadioLIVE Drive after Lieutenant Terry Harch was airlifted off the mountain and transported to Dunedin Hospital.

Mr Harch was in a good condition but did have mild frostbite. 

"We'd be having a very different conversation hadn't it been for the absolutely relentless tenacity of the Search and Rescue teams" Mr Daisley told RadioLIVE.

Despite being an experienced climber Mr Harch spent seven days on the mountain after he left his car at Raspberry Flat last Friday and walked into the area. He planned to summit the 3000m-high mountain solo and return on Sunday.

“Climbing, even experienced climbers, need to understand local conditions and local environment because often that experience doesn't translate from one place to another very well" said Mr Daisley.

Photo: File.

Greg Johnston, Senior Search and Rescue Office at the Rescue Coordination Centre was part of the rescue effort.

Conditions on the mountain haven’t been favourable, with cloud and high winds in the area creating an extreme environment.

“Today the effort was focussed on getting prepared for a break in the weather” Mr Johnston told RadioLIVE’s Ryan Bridge.

Mr Johnston said that although it was a difficult situation and that there was some risk involved, the teams involved are “very experienced and know the mountains and the weather and have the right equipment.”

Listen to the full interviews with Mike Daisley and Greg Johnston above.

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