Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux speak out after cancellation of event

Drive 03/08/2018

They’re controversial, they’ve divided the nation, they’ve been described as racist, sexist, bigoted, Nazi sympathisers, white supremacists, you name it, they’ve been called it.

Far-right, out-spoken Canadians Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux sat down with Newshub’s Patrick Gower after their speaking event in Auckland was cancelled.

They were due to speak at the iconic music venue, The Powerstation, however it was cancelled on account of the outrage caused when people found out it was going to be the location the two were speaking at.

Mr Caolan Robertson, an agent for Ms Southern, told Newshub that "powerful forces" were opposed to the event. He said they could not find another event and it was over.

Watch the full video with Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux above.

RadioLIVE Drive’s Ryan Bridge and his guest co-host Suzy Cato crossed live to the interview.

After the interview, Ryan said to Suzy and his listeners that he “fully supports the idea that they’re allowed to say whatever it is that they like.”

He had earlier spent an hour listening to Stefan’s tutorials on YouTube, as Mr Molyneux spoke about the correlation between IQ and crime, the higher IQ a country has, the lower the crime rate.

Suzy admitted the event was something she wouldn't like to attend, but said “freedom of speech... whatever you say, someone is potentially going to be offended about it.”

Watch the full video with Ryan Bridge and Suzy Cato above.

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