Reporting on Marama’s speech ‘disgraceful’ – James Shaw

Drive 18/08/2018
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Green Party co-leader James Shaw has slammed a Newshub journalist for their reporting of Marama Davidson’s use of the word 'c**t' at an anti-racism rally.

Ms Davidson dropped the ‘C- bomb’ repeatedly an anti-racism rally attended by families and children earlier this month.

The Green Party co-leader told the crowd that they can reclaim the C-word word typically used as a vulgar insult, in response to the violent online threats she’s received in the past. “C**ts are powerful,” she said.

After the rally, Newshub’s Jenna Lynch interviewed Ms Davidson for a story on her “crusade to reclaim the word Kiwis find most offensive” which aired on Newshub Live at 6pm.

Mr Shaw had largely remained quiet on his co-leader’s controversial speech, but broke his silence when the topic was brought up by RadioLIVE’s Ryan Bridge.

Marama Davidson speaking to Newshub.

“It’s extraordinary that the story has been about the language that Marama used rather than the death threats and rape threats she’s been received.

“I thought the behaviour of that Newshub journalist Jenna Lynch was disgraceful to tell you the truth,” he said.

Mr Shaw told RadioLIVE that Lynch “wasn’t interested” in covering a story about an MP like Ms Davidson receiving death and rape threats. “It's more of a sort of online, televised gossip column.”

Ms Davidson said that parents responded positively to her speech, despite her use of the C-word.  

“What they actually took from the whole speech was positive, inspiring and indeed a message in supporting against abuse online,” Ms Davidson added.

After the interview, Newshub political editor Tova O’Brien was quick to defend Lynch’s reporting.

“This isn’t about us. This is something Marama Davidson did. She made a speech – she made a very valid point about the use of this word as a derogatory word against women that she wanted to reclaim.

“If he doesn’t like what his co-leader is saying, take it out on her. Don’t take it out on us.” 

Listen to the full audio with James Shaw, Marama Davidson and Tova O'Brien above.

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