Supermarkets sick of people 'sampling' while shopping

Drive 01/08/2018

A notice warning New World supermarket customers they will be fined for eating items before paying for them has been withdrawn by the company.

The notice erected outside its Auckland Queen Street store said customers caught eating unpaid items would receive a minimum five dollar fine.

It was hoped the sign would be a deterrent for those eating while shopping at the supermarket.

Foodstuffs North Island CEO Chris Quin told RadioLIVE Drive customers eating while they shop is an issue for the company.

“We have plenty of evidence of the empty wrappers and the dumped bottles that there is a problem.”

Mr Quin says, however, that the Queen Street’s store approach to tackle the issue was “clumsy” and not the “right way to approach it”.

“When people steal stuff it ends up in the cost for everybody else and that’s not fair,” he told RadioLIVE.  

Listen to the full interview with Chris Quin above.

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