Transport Minister reveals $16.9b land transport investment plan

Drive 31/08/2018
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Transport Minister Phil Twyford has unveiled details of the Government's $16.9 billion investment in the land transport system over the next three years.

Roughly a quarter of that, about $4.3 billion, is going towards safety measures aimed at lowering the death and serious injury toll on New Zealand roads.  

Transport Minister Phil Twyford joined RadioLIVE Drive to explain exactly where and on what this money will be spent.

“There’s a whole range of design and engineering solutions that will make our roads much safer and reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries” Mr Twyford told RadioLIVE’s Lisa Owen.

These include passing lanes, intersection upgrades, rumble strips, median barriers, and side barriers.

As well as increased investment in road policing, education and advertising to deal with distraction, fatigue, young drivers and motorcycles.

Despite the $4 billion spend, it's unclear how many lives could potentially be saved and injuries prevented.

But Mr Twyford said that we already know that certain features, like median barriers, save lives.

“We know that investing in, for instance, passing lanes, and median barriers, and side barriers, and upgrading intersections, we know that they save lives.”

While most of the funding has gone to metro centres in the last three years, regional areas will be prioritised with this year’s spend .

“We’ve committed $600,000,000 more for regional roads that ever before,” said Mr Twyford.

Mr Twyford told RadioLIVE that 54 percent of the spend will go to the regions, with 46 percent for the metro areas.

Listen to the full interview with Phil Twyford above.

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