Meet the young Kiwi changing lives for the less fortunate in Manawatu

Drive 19/09/2018

A young Manawatu woman is collecting and handing out second hand pairs of shoes to kids who don’t have any in schools across the region.

Maddison McQueen-Davies, 16, founded the charity Share a Pair last year after learning that many children in the region were attending school in worn-out and leaking school shoes.

On Tuesday night, Ms McQueen-Davies won the young leader division at Women of Influence Awards.

The charity was founded to help less fortunate families provide their children with decent school footwear.

Ms McQueen-Davies told RadioLIVE Drive she relies on donations from students who no longer need or fit their school shoes.

"I setup a Facebook page and I targetted the mums. I figured mums would be the ones that would get the daughters and sons bringing their shoes to school and handing them in."

She says it's "such an amazing feeling" donating shoes to students in need.

"For most of us [shoes] are something we've never had to go without. For these families, after paying for rent, power and food, shoes are the last thing on their list.

"To be able to alleviate some of the stress they're feeling is just absolutely amazing," she told RadioLIVE.

Listen to the full interview with Maddison McQueen-Davies above.

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