No apology coming from National over HNZ evictions

Drive 20/09/2018

Housing NZ is going to pay out up to three thousand dollars to each of the former tenants tossed out of their homes based on a bogus meth testing regime.

A report by scientist Sir Peter Gluckman found there was no health risk from living in a meth house where the drug had been smoked.

And the meth levels being applied to Housing NZ properties were way too low and the product of hysteria.

It turns out about 800 tenants were wrongly evicted on the basis of the bad science and about 275 of them were banned from returning to a housing nz  property for a year.

Now they’ll get an apology help to get accomodation and potentially a payout.

Mr Twyford called on Paula Bennett and the ministers responsible for HNZ at the time to apologise, saying Ms Bennett had "gloated" in the media about evicting tenants.

But National's housing spokesperson Judith Collins said it's Mr Twyford who should apologise.

"Phil Twyford should apologise for using taxpayer dollars to compensate people who had undertaken criminal activity in state houses," she said at Parliament on Thursday.

Ms Collins said Mr Twyford was "politicising what was a health issue, and thinking it was OK for state houses to be used for criminal activity".

Listen to the full interview above.

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