Is this the end of pick 'n' mix lollies?

Drive 18/09/2018
Photo: File.

Things have turned a little sour at a Taupo dairy over a Kiwi classic – a dollar mixed bag of sweets.

A childhood favourite for many has turned into a bureaucratic nightmare for Sarah Saunders, the store owner of Taupo’s Rainbow Point store.

She was told the ingredients of every single lolly in her custom made mix had to be labelled on the bag.

All the goods that you sell has to have a list of ingredients on it.

“The bags of $2 lollies and $1 lollies have been caught in that because each individual lolly has to have a sticker corresponding to it,” Ms Saunders told RadioLIVE Drive.

“So if you got a $2 bag of lollies with 15 lollies in it, you can’t put 15 stickers on the outside of the bag.”

Ms Saunders says she was informed by the store’s confectionary representative the list of ingredients for each individual sweet must be printed on the bag.

“And there have been emails – it all came into effect at the beginning of last month.”

She says it means that her store “pretty much” can’t sell the mixed bags without an ingredients label.

Listen to the full interview with Sarah Saunders above.

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