'I just love animals' - Greens' Gareth Hughes on calls for fireworks ban

Drive 31/10/2018
Photo: Getty.

The Green Party has called on the Environment select committee to consult the public on banning the private sale and use of fireworks.

Gareth Hughes, Greens animal welfare spokesperson, says fireworks cause hundreds of accidents each year.

"It's time for private sales to fizzle out and be replaced by safer, better, public displays.

“Fireworks cause hundreds of accidents each year, start fires and cause distress and sometimes injuries to animals," he said on Wednesday.

Mr Hughes says public fireworks events offer better displays and elminate much of the risk to humans, fire crews and animals.

"Public displays are fantastic and remind us what fireworks should be like."

He says while fireworks can only be bough for four day period during early November, many people use them rogue at all times of the year, "causing nuisance and increased fire and animal safety risk."

Despite a 2015 petition garnering 25,000 signatures, the Government Administration Select Committe did not recommend a ban.

The Green Party says since that decision, more animals and people have been injured, and countless fires started.

"In 2016 alone there were 518 claims made to ACC for fireworks-related injuries," Mr Hughes said.

Listen to the full interview with Gareth Hughes above.

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