How likely is it humans will settle on Mars?

Drive 29/10/2018

Dr Michio Kaku is one of the most widely recognised figures in science today.

After first assembling a particle accelerator in his parent’s garage for a science fair while still in school, Dr Kaku has since gone on to become one of the world’s foremost physicists.

His latest New York Times Bestseller, The Future of Humanity, explores our destiny as we reach for the planets and the stars.

Dr Kaku says "extinction is the norm" in Mother Nature.

"For the most part, most life forms disappear - they go extinct. [Humans] don't want to go extinct, we want to survive," he told RadioLIVE's Ryan Bridge.

We want to control our own destiny.

Dr Kaku believes humans are destined for extinction unless we leave Earth.

"The late Stephen Hawking constantly emphasised that there is a death warrant on the planet Earth. Five billion years from now the sun will eat up the Earth."

He says the laws of physics state human need to leave Earth or we will die.

Listen to the full interview with Dr Michio Kaku above.

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