Free unlimited travel: Calls to scrap former MPs' perks

Drive 25/10/2018
Photo: File.

Former MPs and ministers, including their spouses or partners, cost more than $1 million in travel in the past year, a new report has revealed.

Ex-MPs elected before 1999, and their partners, can be paid the allowances. The amount also depends on how many terms they served in Government. Most former MPs don't get anything unless they spent three terms in Parliament.

But former Alliance MP Laila Harré is questioning why they have such an allowance and wants the perks scrapped.

In a tweet, Ms Harré said: "Mine (travel allowance) is $0. Time for ex-mps with unclaimed entitlements to join the call to scrap these perks."

Ms Harré told RadioLIVE Drive that many former ministers, including herself, can take care of their own expenses beyond politics.

She even believes the pay for former Prime Ministers should be cut.

Listen to the full interview with Laila Harre above.

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