Is regulation required for e-scooter use?

Drive 24/10/2018
A Lime scooter. Photo: File.

The e-scooter craze hit New Zealand last week and Lime Scooters are everywhere in Auckland and Christchurch. But there are big concerns already over safety.

With a max speed limit of 27k/h and no helmets supplied or seemingly required, road saety advocates worry it's only a matter of time before there’s a serious injury.

A rider in Auckland has already fallen and been in hospital for x-rays and there has been a death in the US.

Users can track down and access a scooter with a mobile app, similar to the system for hiring out an Onzo bike, hundreds of which were rolled out last year.

Onzo bikes originally came with helmets, but these have slowly disappeared since they were introduced in February. The Lime scooters do not come with helmets, prompting safety concerns.

A spokesperson for ACC told Newshub it has received 14 claims for injuries from the Lime scooters since they were introduced.

Kirsten Malpas, senior injury prevention specialist, said people need to be careful when riding them.

"Wearing a helmet, limiting speed, keeping to road rules are standard mechanism for keeping safe," she said.

"The challenge however from a safety perspective with e-scooters is how people use them, mostly for short incidental trips rather than a planned scooter ride they'd have prepared for."

Lance Wiggs, Punakaiki Fund and Workplace Safety campaigner, says riders "probably should" have to wear a helmet if they are mixing with vehicles on the road.

Listen to the full interview with Lance Wiggs above.

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