‘It’s no longer classy’: Ryan Bridge rattles off his airport pet peeves

Drive 22/11/2018

Broadcaster Ryan Bridge has listed off the airport behaviours that grind his gears when travelling.

Bridge, who hosts RadioLIVE Drive, rattled off his own rules and etiquette to know ahead of the busy summer travel period.

Your sighing has no impact on the doors.

He argued that with tightened security and X-ray machines, it’s quite excessive to come to the airport with layers of clothing, accessories and jewelry.

“Why is it that people feel they need to dress up to go on a plane?” Bridge said on-air on Wednesday. “It’s no longer classy to travel on a plane, New Zealand.”

“It’s like people dress like they don’t know they’re going to go through an X-ray machine,” he said, suggesting that these are the people who hold the line up.

Bridge’s biggest pet peeve is the “desperation” that arises when the airplane finally lands. He describes two types of travellers, the first who remain patiently seated until the doors open, while the other type “desperately clamour up” to get their luggage from the overhead bins.

“And then they wait. And they sigh and they wait…

“Your sighing has no impact on the doors.”

But it gets worse. Bridge says often these types of people feel entitled enough to try and push ahead of the line – a behaviour which Bridge vehemently opposes.

“No, there’s an order here. The order will continue even if you’ve been standing up and feeling frustrated and sorry for yourself because the doors aren’t open.”

Watch the full commentary above.

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