Trump the 'most transparent leader' on the planet - supporter

Drive 06/11/2018

The US midterm elections are set to be the most important in a generation with the Democrats desperate to gain back the House of Representatives or the Senate, or both.

But one Trump supporter says the Republicans are very confident they will keep both the house and the Senate.

“I’m very confident – obviously, we will take the Senate and I’m cautiously optimistic that we’re going to take the House of Representatives,” said Steven Rogers, campaign advisor to Donald Trump for 2020’s presidential race.

I’m leaning towards Republicans in both houses.

Mr Rogers told RadioLIVE Drive this is the country’s most critical election in a lifetime.

“[Trump] has accomplished so much; money back in our pockets, taxes cut, unemployment levels lowest in history.

“I just think people are going to come out by the millions and support his agenda,” he said.

According to statistics, more than 33 million Americans have already voted in early voting. In comparison, the last midterms - held in 2014 - saw the lowest voter turnout of just 37 percent.

Mr Rogers says if there is one thing President Trump has taught people it’s that voting really counts.

Asked about what he loves about the President, Mr Rogers told RadioLIVE that "he's the guy that says it as it is”.

“We have to agree on one thing … he’s the most transparent leader on the face of the Earth.”

Listen to the full interview with Steven Rogers above. 

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