Miracle rescue: Baby pulled from water at Matata still alive

Drive 05/11/2018

A Bay of Plenty fisherman has pulled a baby from the water at Matata beach, saving his life.

Gus Hutt was fishing last Wednesday morning when he noticed a small figure floating past in the water.

He said he initially thought it was a doll.

"It had a real porcelain face and all that sort of thing, eyes were closed and then all of a sudden it gave a little squeak and I thought 'oh my God, it's a baby'," Mr Hutt told Newshub.

The boy had escaped from his parents' tent at Murphy's Holiday Camp by undoing the zipper, and then made his way down to the ocean.

Shane Salter, owner of Murphy's Holiday Park, told RadioLIVE Drive that so many things pointed towards this baby being rescued. 

Everything aligned for that baby to be saved.

Emergency services treated the boy for 15 minutes before he was taken by an ambulance to Whakatane Hospital.

Mr Hutt alerted his wife, Sue, to the incident and after asking at the camp reception she tracked down the tent where the parents were.

"My wife went out there and shook the tent and said 'wake up, wake up'." 

"She said 'have you got a baby?' and they said yes, and she said 'is it in there with you now?' and they said 'no,' 'well,' she said 'my husband's just pulled him out of the water'," Mr Hutt said.

Listen to the full interview with Shane Salter above.

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