Phil Goff compares future mayoral rival to Donald Trump

Drive 01/11/2018

John Tamihere has announced his intention to run for Auckland Mayor in 2019.

The former Labour MP and broadcaster says he already has the backing of a number of current councillors and a sizeable war-chest of money to help get him there.

On RadioLIVE Drive, current Mayor Phil Goff did not hold back on his thoughts of the candidacy.

We live in the age of Donald Trump, don't we.

Only one councillor told him they opposed his possible candidacy, Mr Tamihere told Stuff.

But Mr Goff says none of his councillors have indicated any support.

"The people out there are smart enough to make their own assessments. It's a democracy and they'll make their own judgement," Mr Goff told RadioLIVE.

Despite claims from Mr Tamihere that he has a lot of money supporting his bid, Mr Goff says the race is "not about money".

"It'll be about track record. When people going into a polling booth, they'll make an assessment; do I like what these people have done? Do I like the direction in which they are going? Or do I like somebody else?"

Listen to the full interview with Phil Goff above.

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