Pregnant pāpā-to-be to welcome first child in December

Drive 14/11/2018
Scout Barbour-Evans. Photo: Twitter.

A Dunedin takatāpui, or gender non-binary, will be welcoming their first child in in December.

Scout Barbour-Evans, who does not identify as man or woman, is eight months pregnant from a sperm donation.

“I don’t think I’m passing as anything but female at the moment,” they told RadioLIVE’s Ryan Bridge with a chuckle. “I’m not that lucky at the moment.”

While Barbour-Evans is excited to welcome their first child, the Otago Polytech student admitted that the pregnancy has been “uncomfortable” in how it has affected their appearance.

Barbour-Evans got a double mastectomy a few months before becoming pregnant, and stopped taking testosterone for the duration of the pregnancy.

“I experience gender dysphoria which is where I’m incredibly uncomfortable with the body I was born into...

“On the flip side, I feel really amazing and good when I’m able to present myself in the clothes I feel comfortable in and the appearance I feel comfortable in.”

When asked whether they are expecting a boy or a girl, Barbour-Evans told RadioLIVE they simply expect “a baby”.

Barbour-Evans has spoken openly to the media about their gender as the first transgender person to run for the Dunedin mayoralty in 2016.

While they get the occasional odd look, Barbour-Evans says public attention is mostly directed at actions perceived to be unhealthy during a pregnancy. Coffee runs will earn stares for Barbour-Evans, while sushi is simply off the table.

And while the baby will technically be raised as their assigned gender at birth, Barbour-Evans said they will not be “policing their gender” with colours, clothing or toys.

“We’ve got a good mix of dinosaurs and flowers,” they said with a laugh.

Listen to the full interview with Scout Barbour-Evans above. 

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