The cost of your car rego could go up

Drive 22/11/2018

A pitch for higher petrol prices to cover costs of ACC due to more accidents on our roads has been axed, following public backlash.

That’s good news for most - there will not be added cost at the petrol pump.

However, ACC will instead push for raising the cost of car registrations as part of a push for collecting a higher proportion of motor vehicle levies.

“Today everybody pays six cents at the pump and the remainder on their registration. What we’re proposing to Government is that that remains the same, but that the total amount that we collect is going up,” Chief customer officer Emma Powell told RadioLIVE Drive.

ACC and had originally proposed increasing the petrol levy by 1.9 cents, on top of the nationwide petrol excise duty of 3.5 cents a litre.

Ms Powell said the proposed changes would cost the average Kiwi driver an extra $25 a year on registrations.

Listen to the full interview with Emma Powell above.

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