New regulations planned for vaping in 2019

Drive 24/11/2018
Photo: Getty.

Vaping in restaurants and bars will soon be a thing of the past in New Zealand with new regulations proposed for next year.

The Government announced on Friday that vaping and smokeless tobacco products will banned inside public places like bars, restaurants and workplaces, with amendments planned to be made official in 2019.

Early childhood centres and schools have also been proposed to be included in the vaping ban.

Associate Minister of Health Jenny Salesa told RadioLIVE that with the current (lack of) regulation of vaping products, the Ministry of Health simply doesn’t know what is going into them.

“At the moment there is no regulation that ensures we know what goes in to those vaping products,” Ms Salesa said.

She says the proposed regulations will give smokers confidence in the quality of vaping products, while protecting young people from potential risks.

The proposed amendments will:

  • clarify where people can and cannot vape, and ban vaping at schools and indoors at bars, restaurants and workplaces
  • change to the way vaping products are displayed in retail stores
  • enable the creation of product safety requirements for vaping and smokeless tobacco products
  • implement a product notification system to support action when concerns arise with a product
  • allow vaping in specialist R18 outlets.

Listen to the full interview with Jenny Salesa above.

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