SPCA calls for ban on 1080

Drive 08/01/2019

The SPCA has issued a statement calling for a ban on the use of 1080, saying it causes "intense and prolonged suffering" to animals.

The organisation is "deeply concerned" over the use of 1080, it says in a statement, adding it is working to achieve change.

The SPCA does not regard the lives of one species over another.

However, it does recognise there is a concern regarding the impact of "so-called 'pest' animals," the statement says.

Andrea Midgen, CEO of the SPCA joins Sean Plunket  to discuss her organisations opinions, and to clear up some of the public's questions and concerns.

Forest & Bird have openly disagreed, calling SPCA's statement "naive", "misinformed" and inaccurate.

Listen to the full interview with Andrea Midgen above.

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