Celebrating 50 years of Led Zeppelin

Drive 14/01/2019
Credit: File.

Believe it or not, Led Zeppelin’s debut album came out 50 years ago... yes really, January 1969... 50 years ago!!!

‘Led Zeppelin’ was released on 12 January, 1969 in the United States under Atlantic Records.

The album itself was recorded at London’s Olympic Studios in October on 1968. It took a total of 36 hours and less than £2,000 to complete.

Long-time music writer from acclaimed music website ‘elsewhere.co.nz’, Graham Reid joins Brendan Telfer to discuss the 50th Anniversary of the bands self-titled debut album. 

He explores the albums’ tracks, the bands history allegations of plagiarism.

From this they explore the difference between imitation, inspiration and in turn plagiarism.

It is in the nature of music. Plagiarism is wrong, inspiration is fine.

One frequently explored accusation is that ‘Dazed and Confused’ by Jake Holmes  holds remarkable likeness to Led Zeppelins track of the same name.

Take a listen below, and decide for yourself.