aims to improve navigation of real estate industry

First@Five 15/02/2018

If you have bought or sold a house recently, you might have found the process confusing.

You may also have felt you’ve been played by the smoke and mirrors set up by the real-estate agents.

That’s precisely why industry regulator Real Estate Authority (REA) launched its new website,  

Karen McDonald, Deputy CEO of Consumer NZ, joined James Coleman on First@Five to discuss what the new site aims to do.

Ms McDonald believes that the website will help the public navigate the real estate industry, and help them understand “the right questions to ask”.

Four in 10 Kiwis are confident the real estate industry is professional, and one in five is confident the industry is transparent, according to a REAA consumer survey.

“I think real estate agents do not have the best reputation and consumer perceptions aren’t great.”

“They do have issues that they need to look at,” she told RadioLIVE. offers straightforward information and resources for buyers and sellers, including pros and cons of their big choice and tools for understanding the processes for buying and selling. 

Listen to the full interview with Karen McDonald above.

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