Avo prices peak, vegetable prices drop

First@Five 15/06/2018
Photo: Unsplash.

Avocado prices rose 37 percent in May to record levels after a small harvest, Statistics NZ said today.

However, prices fell for other fruit and vegetables, such as mandarins and broccoli.

Stats NZ CPI manager Matthew Haigh to James Coleman to discuss rising avo prices alongside the downward trend for other produce.

Mr Haigh explained that avocado prices are partially tied to the season, and then exacerbated by New Zealand’s high demand for the green fruit.

“We’ve really seen demand outstripping supply through right over the whole year,” he told RadioLIVE.

While avocado prices are peaking, the supermarket will reveal lower prices across the board for many vegetables. Mr Haigh confirmed that vegetable prices have dropped by 18 percent over the past year, noting that tomatoes, lettuce and broccoli are among the produce that have dropped.

But before anyone gets too excited about dropping vege prices, he pointed out that there was a 31 percent rise in vegetable prices the same time last year.

Volatile weather, it seems, may suddenly affect growing conditions and price of vegetables.

Mr Haigh recommends shopping for seasonal fruit to save money, which includes pples, kiwifruit and even mandarin.

Imported fruit like bananas and pineapple are going to be reasonably priced throughout the year, Mr Haigh explained. 

Listen to the full interview with Matthew Haigh above.

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