IRD computer system ‘failing’ with overload of Govt taxes - National

First@Five 28/06/2018
Photo: IRD

The Labour-led Government has been accused of “piling on the taxes”, which may be causing pressure for employees at the Inland Revenue Department (IRD).

National’s revenue spokesperson Paul Goldsmith told RadioLIVE that the IRD’s old computer system simply can’t keep up with the new tasks the department is being given.

The old system really is at maximum capacity.

The system’s frequent glitches are causing frustration to its users, explained Mr Goldsmith.

“They’re finding it very difficult to log on and actually do the work they need to do so they can pay their tax,” he said.

However, the IRD is currently undergoing its ‘Business Transformation Programme’, in an effort to upgrade systems so they work more efficiently.

But Mr Goldsmith believes the Government’s new projects are putting too much pressure on old system, which won’t be fully upgraded for years because it’s a time-consuming process.

The Government’s new tax programmes like the parental tax credit for new parents is part of the problem, Mr Goldsmith argues.

 “The old system really is at maximum capacity.”

Listen to the full interview with Paul Goldsmith above.

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