National Party disappointed with Justice Minister

First@Five 18/06/2018

The National Party is disappointed with Justice Minister Andrew Little after he suggested non-violent dealers of meth and other Class A drugs should be out in our communities and not in prison.

National’s Justice spokesperson Mark Mitchell told James Coleman on First@Five that when offenders are caught, they should be sent straight to prison for rehabilitation.

When asked if the Government is sending other offenders who are undeserving of a prison sentence, compared to Class A dealers, Mr Mitchell assures that a high bar is to be reached before someone is sentenced to prison.

"98 percent of prisoners currently in prison have offended in category 3 or category 4 offences which are serious offences and carry at least a sentence of 2 years,” Mark Mitchell says.

He also states the reason behind the remand law change, is that data shows 50 percent of prisoners on remand are already re-offending before being imprisoned.

Mr Mitchell believes this is too much of a risk to be released back into the community.

Listen to the full interview with Mark Mitchell above.

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