Is a new Chief Technology Officer really necessary?

First@Five 20/06/2018
Credit: File.

The New Zealand Government is looking to fill a vacancy described as Chief Technology Officer, which boasts a salary of $500,000 per year.

Communications Minister Clare Curran rejected more than 60 candidates in the initial search, but said sdhe hopes to fill the role by August.

The role would provide advice to the Government on digital issues - this being in addition to the existing Digital Officer.

Louis Houlbrooke, spokesperson for the Taxpayers’ Union, told RadioLIVE that the open position could be just an "expensive tokenism" replica of a current role.

Mr Houlbrooke argued that it would be far cheaper to consult with the sector directly and “avoid the risk of narrowing the information source down to one person”.

According to Mr Houlbrooke, it is in the tech sector’s best interest to consult with the Government on these issues.

The Government has failed to find anyone up to scratch in New Zealand and now need to look overseas.

“Anyone qualified to earn this type of money in the tech sector is probably simply doing far more exciting things than whatever the New Zealand Government can cook up,” Mr Houlbrooke added.

Mr Houlbrooke told RadioLIVE that opening a role like such is “…just done for the sake of appearances”.

Listen to the full interview with Louis Houlbrooke above.

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