New robotic milking system launched to make farms more efficient

First@Five 29/06/2018
Photo: File.

A new robotic milking system has been launched in effort to address labour uncertainties and shortages, in addition to ramping up animal welfare efforts.

DeLaval launched its new VMS milking system V300 across Australia and New Zealand on Thursday.

Solutions Manager Luke Crabb told RadioLIVE that the DeLaval technology allows cows to be milked faster.

“This just takes away the task of cupping the cow…” he explained.

According to Mr Crabb, robotic systems typically reduce the number of cow infections and actually prolong the cows’ lifespan.

But Mr Crabb emphasised that this isn’t going eliminate the need for farmers, because many tasks still need to be completed by a human.

“The farmer still needs to farm. I mean this is just one task.”

The technology allows cows to choose when they want to be milked, and gathers extensive data on each teat that can help ensure complete milking every time. 

Listen to the full interview with Luke Crabb above.

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