How a Bay of Islands hotel attracts staff, and keeps them

First@Five 28/08/2018
Credit: Expedia.

If you are struggling to find work and fancy living in The Far North; otherwise known as heaven, then hotel owner Ricki Kinnaird may have the solution for you.

The Duke of Marlborough, both a historical landmark and hotel, boasts an ideal location for exploring New Zealand’s Bay of Islands.

But with its remote location, the hotel's top priority is finding and retaining staff for tourism season. 

With 60-80 permanent staff on a quiet day and up to double that in the height of its tourist season, Mr Kinnaird tells RadioLIVE's Roman Travers how he not only attracts staff - but how he keeps them there.

Tourist season runs for a good 10 months at The Duke of Marlborough, with the hotel doubling its staff for the height of the season.

Mr Kinnaird told RadioLIVE that the biggest challenge for finding and retaining staff is the hotel’s less urban location, where families need to consider cost of living, local schooling, and housing availability.

During its 13-week off season, Mr Kinnaird explains that they do their best to be upfront with staff about taking breaks while considering their financial situation.

“If we manage it right, we’re pretty ok and everyone gets a break.”

Listen to the full interview with Ricki Kinnaird above.

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