Afghan soldier protects civilians from explosion by hugging suicide bomber

First@Five 07/08/2018

An Afghan Army soldier has been called an unsung hero after he sacrificed himself to keep a suicide bomber away from rush hour traffic.

The soldier, named Mohammad Omer, suspected something was wrong when a car with tinted windows pulled up to a security checkpoint in Jalalabad, Al Jazeera reported.

Al Jazeera journalist Charlotte Bellis told RadioLIVE that Mr Omer grabbed the suspect and hugged him tightly.

Above: Mohammad Omer on the day before the attempted attack. Video: Al Jazeera. 

Witnesses watched as Mr Omer carried the man away from traffic and off the road. The suspect’s vest exploded shortly after.

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani sent the Army to Jalalabad last week after multiple suicide attacks were made by ISIL in the city.

“[Jalalabad] is essentially becoming the front line in Afghanistan,” Ms Bellis said. 

Listen to the full interview with Charlotte Bellis above.

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