Stormy Daniels’ shares ‘titillating’ details in new book – US correspondent

First@Five 20/09/2018
Credit: Getty.

US Correspondent Carol Ramos joins RadioLIVE’s Roman Travers to give us the latest in News from America.

First up, the woman alleging sexual misconduct by a US Supreme Court nominee has made clear her conditions for testimony before the Senate. But will the senators comply?

Then, an interesting story has come to light concerning the discovery of some ancient but historically valuable wreckage.

According to Ramos, the ownership of said discovery could however pit the American government and the governments of Australia and the UK against one another.

And finally we are getting our first excerpts from Stormy Daniel's tell-all book Full Disclosure, highlighting her affair with Donald Trump. Sections of the memoir were released to UK publication The Guardian

“It may have been the least impressive sex I’ve ever had," wrote Ms Daniels in the book.

In the words of Ramos, the world is now getting “full disclosure if that isn’t titillating enough.”

Listen to the full interview with Carol Ramos above.