Home & Garden: In case you missed it

Home & Garden 01/07/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at RadioLIVE's Home & Garden for June 30th & July 1st, 2018


Preserves and condiments using traditional Maori ingredients and putting a modern twist on them with contemporary recipes. Donna from Maanaki discusses.

Supermarket Sleuth

Supermarket Sleuth Joh Winters discusses beer and soft drinks running short all over Northern Europe, including the UK. He also talks about how former Auckland mayor Dick Hubbard has sold his breakfast cereal company and The Fine Food Show on this week in Auckland.

The Good Oil

Nick Murney from Pure Oil NZ discusses The Good Oil, which is grown in South Canterbury & Southland. In early summer, the fields come to life with brilliant golden rapeseed flowers. Once harvested the rapeseed is delivered to Pure Oil NZ.

Young Gardener of the Year awards

Gardening guru Dan MacKay discusses the Young Gardener of the Year awards, which are kicking off for the second year on July 2nd will run all the way through until August 27th when entries close.

Sowing sweet peas

When's the best time to sow sweet peas? Are some varieties better suited to winter, spring or summer sowing? Can you have sweet peas in bloom year-round?

Linda talks with Dr Keith Hammett, Plant Breeder.

Getting Kids to eat Mushrooms

Meadow Mushrooms is excited to offer our new expertly hand-crafted growing kits to schools and educational organisations. The kits contain a mushroom farm, growing instructions and recipe ideas. Mel Rushton, marketing director of Meadow Mushrooms, explains.


Anyone who has ever driven through the English countryside might wonder why we didn't import the tradition of using mixed hedgerows as farm boundary fences. In England, there are at least 500,000 miles of centuries old hedgerows.

Linda talks with Sarah Frater, Edible Garden Fruit Tree Nursery.

If you have room for only one tree, what should it be?

Evergreen Michelia Lemon Fragrance,Native - Metrosideros Maungapiko,Deciduous-Cornus Eddies White Wonder,What wpuld it be?

Linda talks with Mary Robertson.

Winter fruit tree pruning

Kath Irvine is a permaculture designer, She runs a series of workshops from her home garden, called Edible Backyard, giving people the opportunity to learn organic gardening and garden planning. Kath has recently released her second book called Pruning Fruit Trees, A Beginner's Guide.

The Governments KiwiBuild Scheme

The Governments KiwiBuild Scheme actually kicks off today July 1st, how much has Prefab NZ been involved? Housing Minister Twyford has said the cost of building a Prefab Home is about half that a standard build costs in NZ.

Linda talks with Pamela Bell, Founder, CEO Prefab NZ.

Pre Modular homes

Ecotech specialises in supplying residential and commercial modular accommodation which are manufactured under the Multipod brand. They offer creative and practical building solutions as an innovative and cost effective alternative to traditional construction methods.

Linda finds out more from Tony Frost, Owner Ecotech Homes NZ.


With many regions in New Zealand growing rapidly, there is a constant demand in the building and construction industry for skilled workers in building.

Linda talks with Rah Watene, Carpentry Tutor and Apprentice.Bailey Curtis. 

The first house in New Zealand to receive a 9 Homestar rating

The new home which produces virtually no power bills has been awarded the rating after being assessed on its health, warmth and energy efficiency and becomes the first house in New Zealand to receive a 9 Homestar rating. 

Linda is joined by Trevor Meikle, Director Rilean Construction Canterbury.

The Queen of Clean

Best selling Australian author Shannon Lush is the "Queen of Clean," specialising in helping us all in cleaning and household management.

She joined Linda Hallinan with a few simple cleaning tips.

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