Home & Garden: In case you missed it

Home & Garden 22/07/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at RadioLIVE's Home & Garden for July 21st & 22nd, 2018.

Anyone for a cuppa?

Zealong is the only commercial tea estate in NZ producing 100 percent organic, award-winning tea. Zealong is based in Hamilton where the local climate and lack of heavy frost aid in growing the camellia sinensis tea plant.

Tony and Helen talk with Sen Kong, Zealong Tea, Gordonton, Waikato.

Supermarket Sleuth

"Supermarket Sleuth" John Winters discusses why the Australian Government isn't happy with Metcash. Also, do your children like the tiny apples sold in tubes? He also discusess a healthier ice cream that has earned a certification that no other brand in the country has done yet.

Tattoos for food charity

Barry Black does basic tattoos - mainly black and grey. But with each tattoo, you also bring a food donation which is donated to local foodbanks. 

Food collaborations with Michael Van De Elzen

The Auckland Food Show is on 26-29 July from 10am–5pm ASB Showgrounds! TV personality and much loved chef Michael Van de Elzen shares delicious, healthy, and quick-to-prepare recipes from his ‘Good From Scratch’ brand: crispy fish with cauliflower emulsion and meat rubs.

Cape Gooseberries

The cape gooseberry goes by many names - ground cherry and goldenberry being the most common. It is part of the family called physalis, so how does the Cape Gooseberry differ from the other Gooseberry? Gerard Martin from Kings Seeds (NZ) Ltd in Katikati explains.

Northern Hemisphere marvels

Fredrik Hjelm, Resident Arborist from The Living Tree Company is in Sweden looking at Northern hemisphere parks and trees and if there is an opportunity to draw inspiration for our parks and landscapes.

Everything Cactus

Growing cacti and succulents can be an addictive pastime. There are a number of varieties that can be easily grown and cared for,Vance Hooper, Magnolia grove, Waitara, Taranaki, talks everything Cactus.

Retrofitting Double Glazing

Bruce Mason, Director, Group Operations,The Double Glazing Company talks about retrofitting double glazing, how easy is it to do, where does the technology come from and what are the glass panels filled with?

Car stacking parking

Safely and securely park two cars in a space that previously held only one. Bob Haswell, Managing Director, Car Stackers NZ Ltd explains the car stacking system where it was designed and how it promises to solve apartment parking woes.

Heating the home

Paul Smith, Technical Writer, Consumer NZ gives his tips for choosing a suitable heater and some specific models that perform well and don’t cost a lot.

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