Taranaki man defends fasting after ending 40-day fast early

Home & Garden 08/09/2018
Photo: Unsplash.

A Taranaki man has cited low energy to be the reason for ending his plan to go 40 days without food, having stopped at day 25.

Body Rehab owner Alby James broke his fast last Sunday with fresh carrot, apple, lemon and beetroot juice.

Mr James suggests that fasting can provide cellular rejuvenation and healing, in addition to the “detoxification” of the body.

“That only happens when you’ve abstained from food for a minimum of 16 hours. The ketosis effect starts to happen after 12 hours,” he told RadioLIVE.

The health motivator lost 18.7 kilograms as a result of his fast.

While intermittent fasting has certainly taken the wellness industry by storm, not everyone agrees with Mr James’ fasting ethos.

Home & Garden co-host Vanessa Baxter voiced her concern to Mr James over his diet, revealing that she was hospitalised with anorexia after she fasted for weight loss.

“For me this is a concern because if you don’t need to lose that weight and you fast for that long, this can be incredibly detrimental to the body,” she told Mr James.

Mr James responded that it’s critical to understand the fasting process for a successful fasting period.

“It’s really important that you take your time and that you’re eating slowly and that you’re refeeding with a conscious mind.”

He told RadioLIVE that he believes in some cases, fasting can even help with eating disorders.

Registered dietitian Maggie Radich told Stuff that his fasting could be described as an eating disorder, and she wouldn’t advise people to follow his example.

Mr James dismissed her comments on fasting as “complete ignorance”.

“Conscious fasting is not an eating disorder. That comment she made is absurd.

“It doesn’t bother me whatsoever because there’s hard proof, there’s hard evidence, there’s 100 percent gold standard evidence about how beneficial fasting is for people. So good on you, Maggie.”

Listen to the full interview with Alby James above.

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