Home & Garden: In case you missed it

Home & Garden 28/10/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at the best bits from Home & Garden with Tony Murrell for Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th October, 2018.

Is fishing for whitebait sustainable?

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Whitebaiting is important to many New Zealanders. It's a treasured recreational activity, but there are questions about the sustainability of the catch. Pro-forager Peter Langlands talks about whether further restrictions should be put in place.

Pricey avocados, outdated milk


John Winters, our Supermarket Sleuth, discusses the quality of avocados in our supermarkets, the Health Star Rating System used on our packaged food, and the South Island Countdown store accused of selling outdated UHT milk.

The Cuba Street Project

Beth Brash, Wellington based foodie and blogger, knows the local food scene extremely well, while Alice Lloyd spent a summer capturing the essence of Cuba Street, visiting all the eateries and off beat shops. The result: their cookbook The Cuba Street Project.

Our women and their extraordinary gardens

Authors Juliet Nicholas and Barb Rogers latest book celebrates the endeavours and achievements of women gardeners who are responsible for some of the most admired gardens in New Zealand.

The Queen of Clean


Best-selling Australian author Shannon Lush is the "Queen of Clean", specialising in helping us all in cleaning and household management.

She joined Tony Murrell to share a few simple cleaning tips.



Great long flowering plants for spring and summer, Janica Amoore from Woodleigh Nursery, New Plymouth, talks about plant choice, planting and do you really need to prune Hydrangeas?

Where are we with Kiwibuild


Newshub obtained documents this week that show even if Kiwibuild targets are achieved in the next few years, it won’t even scratch the surface of the shortage of new builds. In fact the shortage of homes is actually expected to grow. Stephen Barclay, KiwiBuild CEO, talks about where we are at with Kiwibuild.

Resene Architectural Design Award Winner

The Family Bach, by Cymon Allfrey of Cymon Allfrey Architects, has taken out a prestigious architectural award, it was named the Supreme winner of the Resene Architectural Design Awards. The award presented by Architectural Designers New Zealand (ADNZ), is one of the most coveted architectural awards in the country.

Relationship Property Laws

The Law Commission is currently reviewing the property (Relationship) Act 1976 and the research project undertaken by the University of Otago will be making some recommendations to the Minister of Justice next year.Associate Professor Nicola Taylor, Leader of the Interdisciplinary Research Team University of Otago explains what it means.

The Glampervan of the future

The Romotow 'glampervan' will go on the market in 2020 at a price of $400,000 plus.The New Zealand glampervan has space for a kitchen, shower and up to four beds. Matt Wilkie, Architectural and interior Designer, W2 Architecture and Stuart Winterbourn, Director and Structural Engineer talk about how long the Romotow has been in development and the materials used.

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