Busting the myth on holiday insurance

Long Lunch 20/06/2018

We all know that one of the most important things to sort before a big overseas trip is the travel insurance.

If you fall ill and get caught out with no insurance it can cost you thousands of dollars to see local doctors.

Craig Morrison from Holiday Rescue joined Trudi Nelson on The Long Lunch to talk through what you should be looking out for in an insurance provider.

Holiday Rescue saw an opportunity to do travel insurance with integrity, and their priority is the health and safety of people on holiday.

“We don’t want you to call the hotel doctor, we don’t want you to wander down the street to the nearest clinic.”

Mr Morrison says that in some countries doctors, ambulance drivers and hospitals are working together to scam sick tourists, which can end up costing up to $25,000 just to get medical help.

Holiday Rescue will get you in touch with an emergency room doctor within 10 minutes of calling their emergency line for a telemedicine interview.

He also recommends checking the fine print for your policy and making sure you know exactly what you’re covered for.

Find more information from Holiday Rescue here.

Watch the full interview with Craig Morrison above.

RadioLIVE Travel thanks to the insurance experts at Holiday Rescue - if anything spoils your holiday they’ll come to the rescue.

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