Sleep radio station helping insomniacs to spa centres

Long Lunch 28/06/2018
Photo: Getty.

A Te Aroha man is helping insomniacs around the globe by maintaining the world’s only radio station for sleepers.

Sleep Radio is an ad-free internet radio station that plays ambient, instrumental music intended for relaxation.

The artists are just about falling over themselves to send us music.

John Watson, founder of Sleep Radio, told RadioLIVE that it began in 2012 when his counsellor suggested ambient music to help him beat depression’s big side effect – insomnia.

But Mr Watson quickly grew tired of listening to the same CDs on repeat, which was where Sleep Radio seemed to offer a solution.

Mr Watson’s platform drew the attention of ambient music artists around the world who were eager for exposure. If a listener likes a piece of music, they can simply click on the track and be transferred to a website where they can purchase the music.

“The artists are just about falling over themselves to send us music. We’ve never had to worry about sourcing music since.”

The entrepreneur has found his radio station is particular popular with pregnant women, daycare centres and spas. One South Africa man told Mr Watson that Sleep Radio helped him ditch his sleeping pill addiction.

“It’s been incredible, actually.”

Listen to the full interview with John Watson above. 

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