The Long Lunch: In case you missed it

Long Lunch 15/06/2018

In case you missed it here are some of our favourite bits from The Long Lunch with Trudi Nelson in for Wendyl Nissen on Friday June 15th, 2018.

Winter at Scott Base

Photo: Newshub

Jonny Harrison the winter leader at Scott Base offers an insight into life at New Zealand’s Antarctic research season as winter hits the coldest place on earth.

Feature Interview: Dick Frizzell

Photo: Stock

In our feature interview today we hear what Kiwi artist Dick Frizzell is up to.

Attitudes towards meat eating revealed

Photo: Getty

Garrett Lentz, the postgraduate student in the geography department at the university of Otago discusses the research he has been involved in regarding factors that could change attitudes toward eating meat.

Workshop offers three options for Pike recovery

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Bernie Monk, the representative from the Pike River Family Reference Group discusses the findings from the technical expert workshop over the past couple of days, and the options that could potentially allow for the recovery of the 29 bodies.

The group also want to find out more about what actually happened to prevent any further tragedies, to give the families closure and possibly retrieve any remains found in the drift.

Cook Islands wrap up general elections

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Shaun Bamber, a reporter from Cook Islands News joins us live from Rarotonga to give an update on the general elections and the possibility of Democratic Party leader Tina Browne becoming the first female PM.

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