The Long Lunch: In case you missed Monday

Long Lunch 18/06/2018

In case you missed The Long Lunch today with Trudi Nelson in for Wendyl Nissen, here are some of our favourite interviews from Monday June 18, 2018.

'We know the problem is recidivism' - Mike Loder

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Mike Loder, sporting gun enthusiast from Gun Lobby NZ /
discusses the inability of the NZ Police to address the issue of repeat crime. He says it’s a blight on the organisation’s ability to moderate gun control in New Zealand.

Detention centre not appropriate for teen

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Greg Barns, an Australian immigration lawyer discusses the Kiwi teen who has spent the last two months locked up in a Melbourne detention centre, some 12-13 hour drive from where his family live. Would the same thing happen to an Australian youth?

Bag of Books with Joan Mackenzie

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Bag of Books by Joan Mackenzie from Whitcoulls.

Liar’s Candle by August Thomas
A really fun, pacy thriller set in Turkey, needs a bit of willing suspension of disbelief but it’s worth it. It starts with a 4th of July party at the US Embassy in Ankara when a bomb goes off and a young intern is thought to be involved,  so the State Department start to make her life a misery and she goes on the run. The whole book takes place in just 36 hours.

Boy Erased by Garrard Conley.

Nonfiction, story of a Baptist Preacher in the US who found out his son (Garrard) was gay and sent him off to a clinic to be turned into a straight person. Reads really well though you wouldn’t want to be him. This has been made into a movie starring Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe as the parents. (No NZ date yet as far as I can see).

The Wicked Healthy Cookbook by Chad and Derek Samo (brothers).

What in the old days we’d have called vegetarian, but is now known as plant based.

Picton pool proposal

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Margaret McHugh, the Picton Waitohi Pools and Wellness Charitable Trust patron talks about the proposal to reinvent Picton with a $15 million hot pool and day spa on the town’s foreshore.

Food News with Delaney Mes

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Delaney Mes joins us from Sydney today talking about:

Trade School Industries, they’re a group who are building a barista training school and cafe for former prisoners, and they’re crowdfunding currently. A couple of hearty winter vegetarian dinner ideas, it doesn’t all have to be about meat.

Bread and butter pudding, Delanay has talked about these on The Long Lunch before but just had an incredible one at Depot. Sultanas, chocolate, and served in a skillet.

Author Interview

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Clemantine Wamariya is our author interview today and has written her first book, The Girl Who Smiled Beads, to critical acclaim. A story of war and what comes after.

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