The Long Lunch: In case you missed Tuesday

Long Lunch 19/06/2018

In case you missed The Long Lunch tody Tuesday June 19th with Trudi Nelson filling in for Wendyl Nissen, here are some of our favourite bits from the show.

Toxic bug could be linked to bowel cancer

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Professor Frank Frizelle, head of the department of surgery at the university of Otago, discusses the ground-breaking research that has identified a toxic bug that could be linked to bowel cancer.

New generation unsure how to deal with bad feelings

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Professor Gregg Henriques joins The Long Lunch in the wake of the recent high-profile suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. The professor of graduate psychology at James Madison University in Virginia is with us to share some of his most important lessons he learned from studying suicidal behaviour.

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Breakaway vegans in Christchurch

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Stephanie Lane, New Zealand Vegetarian Society national manager talks about the lay of the land in the Garden City after the association’s Christchurch arm made the move to break away and rebrand under the new name of the CHCH Vegan Society.

Musician Tony Lee

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Tony Lee, the rising New Zealand alt country rock star is in the studio with his new single and album, So Far from the Truth.
He plays his new single and talks about the new wave of country music in this country and the influences that helped him blend his fusion of country music.

School heads facing racism

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Myles Ferris, the Te Akatea (New Zealand Maori Principals’ Association) president on the recently released report which shows Māori and Pasifika heads of primary schools regularly face racism at work, with some discrimination coming from government agencies.

Empowering kids financially

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Carissa Fairbrother, the financial adviser and RIVAL Wealth co-owner discusses the issues of kids and money and how parents can empower their kids financially, so that they make better decisions for their future.

Long Lunch Travel: Bali

Photo: Credit Brin Rudkin

Brin Rudkin, Newshub reporter talks about visiting the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud and local market stalls in Bali as well as the trip there and back aboard Emirates’ business class.

DIY stores agree to stop selling ionisation smoke alarms

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Dr Paul Smith, head of testing at Consumer NZ discusses the news that all major DIY stores in New Zealand have agreed to stop selling ionisation smoke alarms following a recent test from the watchdog that showed the alarms performed so poorly that they need to be pulled from shelves.

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