The Long Lunch: In case you missed Wednesday

Long Lunch 20/06/2018

In case you missed The Long Lunch today, Wednesday June 20th with Trudi Nelson - in for Wendyl Nissen, here are some of our favourite bits from the show.

Kiwi team tasked with cleaning up the polluted Ganges

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Nigel Slaughter, chief executive of Ligar’s Polymers chats to Trudi Nelson about the team of Kiwi chemists and process engineers on their way to India to help clean the devastatingly polluted Ganges, and how their technology will be used to help recycle waste before it is flushed into the river.

World Health Organisation declares gaming addiction a mental disorder

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Registered psychotherapist James Driver discusses the news that the World Health Organisation has officially recognised addiction to video games as a mental health disorder, and how the issue can lead to profound social isolation, amongst other problems.

Lower Hutt students get connected to school's learning network from home

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Rata Street School principal David Appleyard talks to Trudi Nelson on the new community initiative that will see  124 Year 5 and 6 children from the Naenae school connected to the school’s learning network in their own homes

Backyard Banter with Lynda Hallinan

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Lynda Hallinan joins Trudi Nelson for Backyard Banter discussing planting fruit trees, and recommended varieties.

Alien Weaponry

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Lewis de Jong, guitarist and vocalist for Alien Weaponry, talks to Trudi Nelson about the Waipu-based thrash metal band’s remarkable rise, the use of Te Reo in their lyrics, and how they managed to knock both Tami Nelson and Katchafire from the top of the charts.

The Parenting Panel

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Yvonne Godfrey from Miomo youth independence programme and John Cowan from The Parentying Place have this week's advice for parenting on The Long Lunch.

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