Behind the unflattering reviews of Gore Motor Camp

Long Lunch 11/07/2018

Online reviews suggest there could be an unflattering side to one of Gore’s only camping grounds. 

There have been only been eight TripAdvisor reviews written about Gore Motor Camp, with the majority of reviewers rating the property with one star. 

While Gore Motor Camp is owned by the Gore District Council, it has been leased out to local manager Lyndon Copland since 2014.

It is not the image we are trying to project.

Reviews have indicated that Mr Copeland has been cross with some campers, and has been accused as being confrontational and making racist remarks.

Mr Copland has responded to the majority of negative reviews. He told one reviewer that they were issued a trespass complaint by police, and that the poor review was “just retaliation and very childish”.

He told another reviewer that they exhibited dangerous driving in their campervan, which is presumably why the reviewers called him “confrontational”.

“Youve just been awarded Dipstick Of The Year for 2018 so well done. If youre ever back in Gore come and collect your prize...we dont do trophys,” Mr Copland wrote in his response.

Gore District Council chief executive Stephen Parry told RadioLIVE that the camping ground’s poor reviews have given the Council a cause for concern and they have reached out to Mr Copland about their conditions over the campground.

“It is not the image we are trying to project,” he explained, adding that there are three properties in the area with five-star ratings.

“This is concerning not just to the Council but I think the wider community and the endeavours we are making to make Gore an attractive place to visit and live.”

Mr Parry emphasises that Gore Motor Camp is Mr Copland’s business, and the Council is simply the landlord in the situation.

“There’s been real considered endeavours to change the image of Gore for the better… This does not represent that at all.”

RadioLIVE reached out to Mr Copland for comment but was declined an interview. He advised The Long Lunch producer to see his responses to Gore Motor Camp’s TripAdvisor reviews.

He's also threatened to take legal action against one reviewer.

Listen to the full interview with Stephen Perry above.

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