Fanta, Tesla: Outrageous baby names US parents picked last year

Long Lunch 31/07/2018
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A top US baby name site has gathered a list of niche, outlandish baby names used by parents last year.

Nameberry compiled a list of bizarre names inspired by brands, sports and notorious namesakes, to name a few.

Researcher Esmeralda Rocha, who helped compile the list, told RadioLIVE’s Wendyl Nissen parents are increasingly looking for non-traditional names.

They want to stand out.

“Some people are trying to get prestigious names like Empress, or Heiress; there are just the strange brand names like Fanta, Maybelline is another one that springs to mind; and there are what I would call names gone wrong, like Ass or Slayer.

“Maybe keep that one for your dog,” she said.

Nameberry says unique baby names are more stylish and are more accepted now than they were a generation ago.

In a statement, the website said there are many more baby names in use now than there were 20 or 30 years ago, with more babies getting names that are unique, rare, and unusual.

Brand names

  • Tesla (130 girls, 11 boys)
  • Fanta (24 girls)
  • Maybelline (20 girls)
  • ESPN (12 girls, six boys)

Prestige names

  • Pharaoh (145 boys)
  • Empress (106 girls) and Emperor (nine boys)
  • Heiress (53 girls)

Historical outlandish names

  • Cleopatra (29 girls)
  • Attila (13 boys)
  • Stalin (seven boys)

See the full list of Nameberry’s unique baby names here.

Listen to the full interview with Esmeralda Rocha above.

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