Little regulation on sunscreen despite high skin cancer rate - Consumer NZ

Long Lunch 31/07/2018
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A consumer watchdog is urging New Zealanders to double check their sunscreens after a report revealed that Kiwis have the highest susceptibility to skin cancer in the world.

Only nine out of the 20 products tested met their SPF label claims and the requirements for broad-spectrum protection, according to Consumer NZ.

Belinda Castles, a senior writer for Consumer NZ, told RadioLIVE that the poor regulation of sunscreens is particularly unfair given the latest report.

“Basically anyone can make a sunscreen and sell it without testing whether it’s actually doing what it’s supposed to,” she told RadioLIVE.

Sunscreen is classified as a cosmetic product in New Zealand, which allows sunscreen brands to sidestep regular testing on its effectiveness, explained Ms Castles.

“It’s really not good enough that New Zealand consumers aren’t getting the protection that they should be getting,” she said.

Ms Castles urges sunscreen shoppers to look for table that indicates it has met Australia and New Zealand standards, which ensures that its efficacy is up to par.

Consumer NZ has a complete report on sunscreen claims and efficacy here

Listen to full interview with Belinda Castles above. 

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