Wendyl Wants to Know: Bluebird Sunday Roast Chips

Long Lunch 30/07/2018
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Wendyl Wants to Know by Wendyl Nissen.

Bluebird Sunday Roast Chips $1.70 for 140g

When I looked at flavoured chips years ago Roast Lamb and Mint had 27 ingredients. It takes three ingredients to make potato chips: potatoes, oil and salt - so that means 24 ingredients were in here to help it along. Let’s be honest there was no roast lamb or mint in there.
So when I saw these chips I pounced on them. But I am please to report that this offering is a lot better.
There are only 15 ingredients in here and most of them are natural such as onion powder, spices and colour.
The only unnatural ingredient is artificial flavour - which makes sense and is up to you. Because as you can probably work out there is no Sunday Roast in here - just flavours which make you think you are tasting Sunday Roast.
What is artificial flavouring? This is a very broad term which basically means the flavouring used in the food product is not naturally derived. So it is made in a lab using chemicals.
There are about 100,000 taste buds on your tongue, but when it comes to identifying a remembered food, like Sunday roast, they are easily fooled. Which is really convenient for producers of mass market products like potato chips. Getting those guys in the lab to come up with the right powder to sprinkle on those chips is a whole lot cheaper than actually grinding up or drying out a whole roast.
That flavour industry is worth billions of dollars worldwide and justifiably so. With their chemicals the producers are managing to fool our tongues into believing that we are tasting a freshly picked, perfectly ripe summer strawberry or anything else they care to choose. It’s food wizardry at its best and cheapest.
Having said that the jury is out on the word “natural.” There is not legislation around using that word so anyone can put it on their labels if they want to.

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