The Long Lunch: In case you missed Tuesday

Long Lunch 24/07/2018

In case you missed Tuesday, here are some of the best bits from The Long Lunch on July 24th, 2018.

Perils of the relationship between Trump and Putin

Steven L. Hall is the former Central Intelligence Agency’s Head of Russia Operations in Moscow. He talked to Wendyl on the perils of the relationship between Donald Trump and former KGB officer Vladimir Putin, and why the relationship is now swayed heavily in Russia’s favour.

Homelessness in Tauranga

Photo credit: Unsplash.

National Party leader and Member for Tauranga Simon Bridge’s claim that the local council have been “far, far too soft” on the issue of homelessness, so Wendyl got Tauranga Mayor Greg Brownless take on the issue.

Rotorua shelter set to reopen

Photo credit: Newshub.

Tiny Deane is set to re-open his Rotorua night shelter despite the Rotorua Lakes District Council telling him over the weekend that he could be fined $200,000 if he continued to let people sleep at the shelter.

Volcanoes in Auckland: potential outcomes

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Dr Stuart Mead, The Postdoctoral Fellow at the Massey University School of Agriculture and the Environment, is leading a research project to get a better understanding of what might happens if - or when - another volcano erupts in Auckland.

The ‘Kiwi DNA detective’

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Professor Stephen Robertson is a world-renowned paediatric geneticist from the University of Otago. He has a long run of work which is helping to unravel obscure diseases, which has seen him given the moniker of the ‘Kiwi DNA detective’.

Volcanoes: better work photos

Photo credit: Aimee Burn, supplied.

20-years-old isn't too young to be getting paid to fly around volcanoes as Aimee Burn can attest to. She's creating something of a stir in the social media world on account of her better work photos.

Travel: UK's mega summer

Photo credit: Getty.

Newshub Travel's Dan Lake just came back from a massive trip around the UK. He's got all the tips and recommendations for anyone that's thinking of doing the same thing.

Travel: digital detox holidays

Photo credit: iStock.

The Foundation Professor of Tourism at James Cook University, Professor Philip Pearce on the concept of ‘digital detox holidays’ and why more people are opting for them.

Baby Boomers: Bruce Hopkins & Christine Rankin

Photo credit: Getty.

The Baby Boomers panel with Bruce Hopkins and Christine Rankin. Today on the panel: digital detox holidays, the Wally Haumaha inquiry, is the trans-Tasman relationship dying, the quality (or lack thereof) of Air New Zealand, and Simon Bridges - does he have a limited shelf life as National leader?

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