The Long Lunch: In case you missed Tuesday

Long Lunch 17/07/2018

In case you missed Tuesday, here are some of the best bits from The Long Lunch July 17th 2018.

Disappointment in move to cut mental health assistance

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New Zealand Police Association President, Chris Cahill, talked about his disappointment at the Government’s decision to scupper a pilot plan that would have seen mental health workers attend crisis calls along with police and ambulance staff.

Trump-Putin meeting fallout

There has been fallout from Donald Trump’s get-together with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. Professor Robert Patman, Professor of International Relations at the Department of Politics at the University of Otago, talks about why President Trump needs to realise that Russia is not the US’s ally.

Kiwis missing out on KiwiSaver funds

Image: KiwiSaver.

John Cliffe, Authorised Financial Advisor, talks about the 400,000 New Zealanders using KiwiSavers who have invested in default funds have managed to miss out on an estimated $1 Billion over the last six years.

Missing Motherwell painting found

Image: FBI.

Over the course of a decade reknown artist Robert Motherwell's found that a number of his paintings had gone missing. The Director of the Robert Motherwell catalogues at the Dedalus Foundation, Katy Rogers, talks about the unlikely return of one of the artist’s pieces of work that went missing 40 years ago.

Mars to look brighter over next six weeks

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Mars will look brighter in the night sky over the next six weeks than it has appeared in 15 years. The Director of the University of Canterbury Mt John Observatory, Karen Pollard, talks about the treat astronomers are going to be in for over the coming weeks as our planet passes between Mars and the sun.

Living naked on a deserted island

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Alvaro Cerezo, the creator of Docastaway - a company that specialises in uncovering some of the world’s hidden beaches and islands - spent five days getting to know Japanese man who escaped civilisation to live naked on a deserted island for nearly 30 years.

Film taking on suicide in New Zealand

Image: NZIFF.

Paora Joseph's film Maui’s Hook takes a look at suicide in New Zealand projected through a Maori lens, and why “less kia kaha and more kōrero” is one of the key messages being pushed around the film, which is showing at the New Zealand International Film Festival. 

Bespoke French travel

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Bespoke France co-owner and French travel specialist, Robert Buchanan, on why, as well as being the new holders of the FIFA World Cup trophy, France remains one of the world’s greatest touring destinations.

Baby Boomers

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The Baby Boomers Panel with Gordon McLauchlan and Hamish Keith: talking Te Papa, free speech and the proposed sculpture for Bastion Point.

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