US children should be home schooled, says mother of shooting victim

Long Lunch 16/07/2018
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A teenage boy who shot and killed eight students and two teachers during a gun rampage at a Houston-area high school in May had been spurned by one of his victims after making aggressive advances.

Sadie Rodriguez, the mother of Shana Fisher, 16, told RadioLIVE’s Wendyl Nissen that her daughter had a unique relationship with Mr Pagourtzis.

He had dated Shana’s best friend before pursuing her, without any luck. Shana had rejected four months of aggressive advances from Mr Pagourtzis at the high school in Santa Fe.

“He came onto my daughter sexually and she turned him down. She went and told her friends. They commenced to bullying her in school,” said Ms Rodriguez.

She says students would call her daughter a lesbian and would make fun of her.

"She was very shy. When you go to talk to her she puts her head down and smiles because she can't really talk," Ms Rodriguez said. "She had no friends".

Ms Rodriquez began to describe the horrific scenes that led to her daughter's killing.

"[Pagourtzis] went through the back door of the art hallway and surprise, he then started shooting and killing everyone.

"He shot Shana in the thigh. Shana was holding herself together and he walked up to her and shot her in the head," Ms Rodriquez told RadioLIVE.

Following the tragedy, and the many school shootings before and after the Sante Fe High School attack, Sadie Rodriguez says every student in the United States needs to be home schooled.

"If we took out public schools in the United States, it would take out racism, bullying, competition, they wouldn't be bringing their parents' guns to school and shooting up people they don't like.

Listen to the full interview with Sadie Rodriguez above.

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